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A Superhero's Mission

Mermaid Elle's number one job is #SavingtheSeas, by inspiring children around the globe to help protect the oceans and planet. Through this sweet, kind and powerful mermaid superhero character, kids can learn ways to protect our oceans and to their part in conservation to improve our oceans health for future generations to come. Will you join Mermaid Elle® in her #SavingtheSeas mission?


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Kids and families have exclusive access to virtual ocean conservation education, Mermaid Elle, Saving the Seas merch, live edutainment performances, local events and eco-art programs through our #SavingtheSeas non-profit organization. 


Real Life Mermaid

Mermaid Elle® was created by world-famous, real life mermaid entertainer, Elle Jimenez in 2016. 

While performing as a mermaid character for all audiences and events, Elle discovered that through entertainment and this mermaid performance character, children are more open to learn about difficult topics like pollution and other threats to our planet.

In 2023, Elle founded her non-profit ocean conservation organization, Saving the Seas, a 501(c)(3) public charity that provides youth ocean education programs and community involvement through events and edutainment. 


Mermaid Elle® has one job: #SavingtheSeas , and now you can be a part of it! With over 4 Million fans across the globe, Mermaid Elle® promotes awareness for ocean conservation to children during event performances, on her YouTube series and more. Mer-mazing, right?

Start them young.

The action of #SavingtheSeas is an ocean conservation awareness action that can be taught from an early age so our children grow caring for our oceans, our planet and help protect them as they grow up. 

Playing in Sand

Support Our Mission

Mermaid Elle Kids Club is a branch of Mermaid Elle LLC and Saving the Seas Corp. 

Saving the Seas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to ocean education and conservation through arts and entertainment. We work with volunteers and partner organizations to organize educational programs and events that raise awareness on environmental issues and inspire action. Join us in our #SavingtheSeas mission. 

Your generous donation will not only support crucial ocean conservation initiatives but also enable us to continue inspiring and educating children and people of all ages through our conservation programs. By contributing, you play a pivotal role in nurturing a love for the sea and fostering a generation of environmentally conscious leaders.


Join us in creating a sustainable legacy for our planet – one where the oceans thrive, and the passion for conservation echoes in the laughter of every child inspired by our programs.

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